Sunday, July 19, 2009

Right vs. Left

Yes, that's right, the left is frightened of talkshow hosts and they want to take their microphones away. I guess I can understand this. The Conservative talkshow hosts and newscasters on Fox are the thin thread of hope that we can cling on to that is connected to any sort of truth out there anymore. They are not agents of the socialtist network that is aggressively taking over our country from the inside out. They are not dangerous, however; not to you or me. They are a threat to the leftist nuts like Joyce Bahar of the View and Nancy Pelosi. President Obama is certainly concerned about them shaping the minds of Americans. He wants to corner the market on that. Because of this fear, they want to reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine", which is a way to ensure that conservative views can be balanced by progressive views in media outlets. Don't let this title fool you. It is anything but fair. It will be used to stop people like Rush Limbaugh , Glen Beck and even you and me from speaking our minds. Back in June of 2008, Barack Obama was asked if he supports the Fairness Doctrine and he said if he were President, he would veto imposing this Docterine on broadcasters. Now, he, like he has on many other things, changed his mind and is in favor of it. If it were imposed, we can rely on their version of Pravda, namely CNN, MSNBC, and to give us their brand of news. We'll be told the leftist version of the truth. So, I ask you, is this not the real danger?

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