Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama will be a worse President than Carter

I thought Obama was going to “improve America’s standing in the international community”? So, why is he having to crash meetings just to get some face time with the leaders of China, India, Brazil, and South Africa? Any thoughts?
Obama will be a worse President than Carter simply because of his lack of experience. Carter was in the military and was a governor and executive. Being President doesn’t mean being everyones friend and a nice guy. Our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan have not retreated since Obama was elected as he had hoped. Now he needs to surround himself with adults in the Cheney mold to help him. He needs to get educated right away on how to deal with foreign policy issues. I know it bores him but he is the leader of the free world.
Thomas Jefferson would never have bowed, either to the Saudi king or the Japanese emperor. Jefferson launched one of America’s first foreign wars, and the Marine Corps along with it, on Muslim kings in North Africa so America would not have to pay tribute to them. The slogan was “Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute