Monday, May 11, 2009

You must be a liberal if.

You might be a liberal if.... you watched the President's correspondents dinner and didn't have flames coming out your ears. It's accepted that this event is more of a political roast where politicians take pot shots at each other. The difference this time is that the shots were aimed way below the belt and proved that these liberals who now govern our country have no class. This time, Wanda Sykes was chosen to be a key speaker, or key pundit, for this event and as you can see from the quote above, she took this as an opportunity to personally attack a prominent Republican and not only more than insulted him, but took his words out of context and twisted them to serve her purpose. I've noticed a trend of Liberals lately to focus their negative energy on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as if the two of them were to go away so would the Republican Party. Their goal is to be the only party in the country. Knowing that Rush and Sean are very influential as well as intelligent, and strong men, they feel that the only way to stop conservatives from ever gaining power again is to demonize them as they have successfully demonized other conservatives like Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheyney and George Bush. It wasn't just Wanda that threw some low blows to Republicans, Mr Obama joked that Cheyney was writing his memoires intitled "How to shoot friends and interrogate people". He not only found his own comments entertaining but he appreciated the dark humor of Wanda Sykes saying that she hoped that Rush's kidney's failed and joking about him being "strung out" on Oxycontin. She exclaimed that he "needs a good water boarding, that's what he needs.". I think Wanda needs to be shunned by the American public and I think Rush and America deserve an apology not only from her but from Mr Obama, that's what I think everyone needs. If I ever see Wanda's name in a cast list for a movie or TV program, I will not watch it and I encourage you to do the same. Conservatives, no, real Americans who love this country whether Republican, Libertarian, Democrat or Green Party even, have got to start holding these media people accountable for their actions. I am all for free speech. I certainly use this right quite frequently and enjoy saying what I feel immensely. However, no one has the right to use free speech to disrespect and harm another person. Wanda Sykes, Perez Hilton and Jenine Gerafalo do not represent the majority of real Americans and they should not be rewarded for attacking other Americans. We can not be a strong, united country if we allow these people to continue to be a voice for the American media. I'd also like to address Ms Sykes' reference to Rush being "strung out" on Oxycontin. Am I wrong, or is it the Democrats that are supposed to be the tolerant and understanding party that embrace people for their differences? I thought that's what they claim? Then, in being so, they must understand that addiction to drugs, and alcohol is a disease and can be devastating to both the person with the disease and those that know and love them. Just about everyone knows someone that has an addiction to either drugs or alcohol. A few people that I love are recovering alcoholics and I know how difficult it is for them to fight that addiction every day. This is not something that should be made fun of and certainly not something that I would expect the President of the United States to not only allow at a dinner he is hosting much less laugh at the joke. For that, I am very disappointed at this President. Wanda may not have any class but the President should. Yes, Rush made a mistake and gave in to an addiction to pain killers but that does not make him less of a person. Wanda just knew to throw her arrow at Achilles heel. Only, this Achilles has tougher skin on his heel and this arrow won't take him down. She should also know that wishing someone such a horrible fate as to have their kidneys fail is never good comedy. Really, what WAS the Obama Administration THINKING when they thought this would be remotely funny to the American People? Or, do they care? I'd like to think they still do.