Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is the love affair between President Barack Obama and the liberal news media is officially over

Quiet. Listen. Can you hear it? The violins are playing a sad, sad melody. Yes, the love affair between President Barack Obama and the liberal news media is officially over. And so soon? It's so sad. According to Associated Press releases, "Team Obama" has contacted the news media and is trying to force them to use his own professionally done pictures of the inauguration instead of the pictures that they took to record the event as it was happening. Makes you wonder, what does he have to hide at the event or is he just worried that the press may not have gotten his "good side" in the photographs? Now, the same people that hailed him as being a Messianic figure that even the geese were looking down in awe at during his swearing in, are grumbling that they don't have the freedom to report the event the way it happened. Hello! What have we been trying to tell these knuckleheads?! Could they finally have their eyes opened now that it's too late to do something about it?! Lately, he's been testy with the media, threatening not to come to the White house Press Room if they're going to bombard him with questions. Isn't that what the White house Press Room is for? According to a story on News Busters ( ), "Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin reported that Obama has a special list of reporters upon whom he'll call during press conferences. Marin reported that the reporters not on the special list have realized they shouldn't even bother to raise their hands." Hmm, have you guys ever heard of Pravda?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hope and Change

I keep seeing and hearing the word "hope" associated with Barack Obama. It's good to have hope. I have hope. I hope Barack and his Administration doesn't turn this country into a socialist society. I hope our military isn't turned over to the United Nations as Bill Clinton had planned when he was in office (yes, Hillary's "smart power" scares me). I hope we have peace and prosperity. I hope my loved ones stay happy and healthy. I hope allot of things. I see that President Barack Hussein Obama hopes that people see him as another Abraham Lincoln. He also hopes we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start the work of "remaking" America. I know we have some problems here, but do we really need to "remake" the country. I believe they "remade" Russia back when Marxism seemed like a fix all for their peoples' problems. No one but the Government of Russia liked the way that country was "remade". Are we going to like the way that this administration "remakes" us? I have received some comments the past couple of days, both in my Cafe' here and in my social circle that I have to accept and respect Barack Obama because he is our President. Yes, he is our President and I have the utmost respect for the President of the United States no matter who he or she is. However, that does not mean that I have to accept his policies nor does it mean that I shouldn't hold the feet of his Administration to the fire when I feel that they are leading my country in the wrong direction. I would have liked to have seen the liberals, President Obama, his administration and his supporters show President Bush the same respect while in office and during his departure. While the $170 million gala was being planned, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were doing what needed to be done to make sure that the transition of power was done swiftly and smoothly. Mr Cheney even moved some of his furniture out himself which, in turn, hurt his back and he had to attend the Inauguration in a wheelchair. By the way, in case you missed it, the crowd of "Obamanites" attending the Inauguration laughed and mocked him as he was wheeled onto the platform. Such class these people have, huh? President and Mrs Bush left behind several personal items for the Obamas to use. They did not steal the silverware or take all the "O's" off the typewriters and keyboards. They were graceful and cordial to the new First Family. I imagine the letter left behind on the President's desk was heart-felt and had some good advice for Barack. That's the way George W was. He took the criticism, ridicule and down right rude treatment for 8 years with dignity and even admitted and apologized when he stumbled but never apologized for staying true to his principles. Say what you want about Mr and Mrs Bush, they are and have always been a class act. I think President Bush has been treated unfairly and disrespectfully throughout this transition period. Not only was he trashed by the media his entire term in office; if you listened closely to President Obama's speech, the only positive thing that he offered to President Bush was that he appreciated his "service to our country, as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition". The rest of his speech made it look like the Bush Administration was a complete failure and has completely torn down the foundation of the United States. This is an untruth and I have hope that some time in the near future, this is realized by the people that voted for the change that "they" believed in. I have a feeling they're not going to believe what that change really is. Of course I have to accept the fact that this man, whose ideas send a shiver up my spine, is our President. However, I just can't get warm fuzzy feelings about him when he's using a Whitehouse web page to down former President Bush and that some of the major entertainers at his Inaugural events were so incredibly disrespectful to the exiting President. No one should be treated that way and certainly not a man that kept us safe from terrorists for 8 years. Going back to the term "hope". I do hope that our new President does what is right. I hope our country does well. I hope that we're better off 4 years from now because of his leadership. Right now, though, I am only filled with hope. It's all I have to go on. We have to stay optimistic yet vigilant. Stay informed. Good information is our lifeline. Be vocal. If you don't like what you're seeing in Washington DC in the next 4 years, speak up. Contact your representatives in Congress and let them know how you feel. Remember, your opinion counts. These people still want and need your vote so they won't want to push through legislature that is wildly unpopular. Keep your principles close to your heart as President Bush did. Do not apologize when you demand the best from our Government Officials. Pray for our country. Pray for our new President. May an angel always be on his shoulder. May God hold him in the palm of his hand and give him the courage, strength and integrity to lead this country, our country, the greatest country in the world in the right direction. God bless and keep you all.

Monday, January 19, 2009

American's Never Give Up

Americans STILL have a hefty dose of John Wayneism in them, much to the dismay of liberals. We'll only be pushed so far and then it's on. The British found that out at Lexington Green, where, had the British relief column not arrived when they did, it's likely the American rebels would have slaughtered the Redcoats vice inflicting 20% KIA and wounding almost the entie British force trapped on the bridge. No to encourage violence but to make the point that WE RESIST not only the Obomination but the soft tyranny and the socialist chains he and his ilk seek to impose on us. We took the fight to the Brits, we tarred and feathered the Loyalists who backed the wrong team (and ran them out to Canada) and then fought one another in the Civil War over State's Rights, economics, and later, to free the slaves. We know what it means to resist.
Americans are PROUD of their nation and many of us love it dearly. That's not hyperbole or BS, it's simply fact. We prove(d) it by shedding blood, sweat, and more than a few tears for it. But when Comrade Barry is not busy bowing to King Faud or getting played like a violin by Achmadinejad, his good friend Hugo Chavez gives Barry a prostate check with both hands on Barry's shoulders!