Monday, January 19, 2009

American's Never Give Up

Americans STILL have a hefty dose of John Wayneism in them, much to the dismay of liberals. We'll only be pushed so far and then it's on. The British found that out at Lexington Green, where, had the British relief column not arrived when they did, it's likely the American rebels would have slaughtered the Redcoats vice inflicting 20% KIA and wounding almost the entie British force trapped on the bridge. No to encourage violence but to make the point that WE RESIST not only the Obomination but the soft tyranny and the socialist chains he and his ilk seek to impose on us. We took the fight to the Brits, we tarred and feathered the Loyalists who backed the wrong team (and ran them out to Canada) and then fought one another in the Civil War over State's Rights, economics, and later, to free the slaves. We know what it means to resist.
Americans are PROUD of their nation and many of us love it dearly. That's not hyperbole or BS, it's simply fact. We prove(d) it by shedding blood, sweat, and more than a few tears for it. But when Comrade Barry is not busy bowing to King Faud or getting played like a violin by Achmadinejad, his good friend Hugo Chavez gives Barry a prostate check with both hands on Barry's shoulders!

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