Friday, July 17, 2009

Is America Fixated on Black's?

I've been watching a blister grow larger and larger on the heels of America
and I think it's soon going to burst. Eric Holder, America's first black
Attorney General serving under America's first black president (whom is actually
of mixed race but would rather ignore the fact that he's half white) chose to
take Black History Month as an opportunity to rub salt into that blister.
Instead of enjoying the fact that, during a month designated to be a celebration
of a minority groups history in America, he is the first black person
serving as Attorney General and being appointed by the first black President, he
decided to cut down the "silent majority" by saying that we are a "nation of
cowards in racial matters". Excuse me, but I can no longer sit in silence and be
politically correct about this matter. I'm feeling as if the walls are closing
in as not only are more of my freedoms being threatened by the socialist agenda
filtering into our society, but even though I don't really think about the color
of someone's skin in my daily life, racism is being forced upon me at every
angle. I'm sitting here wondering when it's going to be enough for these people
fixated on their skin color? What exactly is going to satisfy them and what
exactly is their real agenda in keeping this issue alive when the majority of
Americans have gotten over racial differences and have grown to accept people
for who they are instead of what they are? The very fact that we have an entire
month dedicated to the history of a minority group should be pleasing to this
group. Let us not forget, that some of the wealthiest and most successful people
in America, Eric Holder and Barack Obama being part of them, are black. I don't
enjoy watching music awards shows or turning on the radio as much as I use to
because of the heavy saturation of hip-hip, rap and soul music that is on them.
I don't dislike that music because it is the music of Black America but because
it just doesn't suit my personal taste. I wouldn't chastise a black American if
they didn't like country music or heavy metal music. Hey this is America, right,
and we still have the right to our personal preferences. If Eric Holder had his
way, blacks and whites would be forced to spend their free time together because
according to him, "in our workplaces, and after work social events, we're still
living in a race protected cocoon". Well, this reminds me of an equally
ridiculous idea that the school system that I attended elementary school in had
to bus the black children from the inner city into the suburbs for the day so we
white children could be exposed to black culture. We were then paired with a
black child and these liberal educators made us hold hands with each other the
entire day. I still don't, to this day, understand the purpose for this
exercise. I think that liberals, like the school system that briefly initiated
me into the black culture as a youngster, and liberal black leaders, like Eric
Holder, who seek to perpetuate the racial divide among us are incredibly
insulting to the intelligence and dignity of both blacks and whites. I must also
draw attention to the fact that it wasn't just blacks that elected America's
first mixed race president. Many, many whites supported him and delivered him to
the Whitehouse. It is because of the
acceptance that the majority of white Americans have for blacks, that Eric
Holder is where he is today. He should be reminded of this. I'm incredibly
indignant that he calls Americans "cowards in racial matters". I believe that we
have been quite brave in our eagerness to helping blacks rise above the fray and
make better lives for themselves. They have real opportunities if they choose to
take advantage of the various loans, and grants available to go to school, buy
homes and start businesses. If they have the drive, they certainly have the
means in America. I present to the rest of the world, as an example to show that
the United States has more acceptance of a person's merits rather than their
race, in that we have the world's first black President in a white majority
nation. This should be a glaring example of our "racial braveness" as opposed to
"cowardness" to Mr. Holder. Black
leaders, like him, are holding their own race back by continually telling them
that they are different and should be treated differently. They are poisoning
the minds of their own racial group to suit their own purpose.
It's time that we tell them to take race out of the limelight. It really doesn't
matter to real America and continually focusing on the racial divide, keeps the
chip on the shoulder of black Americans that want to convince themselves that
they are being wronged by white America instead of taking responsibility for
their own actions. They can make a better life for themselves but it is so much
easier to be a victim of society. It's time that we give the cowardly lion some
courage and tell these racial agitators to stop trying to divide America to suit
their own purpose; whatever that may be. Let them know that we're on to them and we're not going to
fall for it anymore.

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