Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lets Recall September the 11th.

I want you to think back to September 11th, 2001. That's right, I'm invoking 9/11. If you'll
recall, we were leading a relatively peaceful life prior to that day. We all knew the name
Osama bin Laden, but we were not all that concerned with him because the horrible
things he did took place in places we knew little about like Yemen. Or in places we didn't
really care about like Saudi Arabia. I mean, honestly, for most of us, the only other time we
had even heard of Yemen was on an episode of Friends when Chandler lied to a psycho
girlfriend telling her he was moving there to avoid breaking up with her. Sure, terrorism
towards America pissed us off, but very few of us were directly effected. I doubt any of my
readers even knew someone that knew someone that was directly effected by terrorism. It
always happened far away, so it bothered us when we heard about it on the news, and
then we went on with our lives. That all changed when they hit us here at home. That's
when we got pissed. That's when we were ready to enlist and hunt down bin Laden
ourselves. I want you to think back to how you felt on that day. I want you to remember the
sense of anger and your desire to kick ass.

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  1. You're a real winner. Not only stealing your post from here: (Thursday, July 30, 2005)

    but you even mirrored the NAME of their blog; Past Nightmare!