Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Republicans have chosen a black man to be the leader of their party

Where's the hoopla ? Where's the parties and parades? America has another first. The Republicans have chosen a black man to be the leader of our party. For those of you that saw the little blurbs in the news regarding this, you know that Michael Steele is now the chairman of the Republican National Committee. He is not only a black man but the most moderate of all the candidates for this position. However, who is this man and why did the RNC choose him? You may have seen Michael on the Conservative talk show circuit. He is a regular on Fox News. He is a very prominent Republican although, according to Wikipedia, he was raised in a Democrat household. He has served as the Lieutenant Governor of the state of Maryland and as the Chairman He has taken an active role in training Republican Candidates to run for office. That is a role that led him into appearing on the talkshow circuit. 50 year old Steele grew up in Washington DC and attended a Catholic school which sparked his interest in the priesthood. Michael ultimately decided to persue a degree in law has been a partner in the Dewy and LeBoeuf law firm. He has an undergraduate degree in International Relations from George Washington University and a law degree from Georgetown University Law School. He founded the Steele Group which is a business and legal consulting firm. Steele has also been a delegate in the Republican National Committee. He certainly seems to be qualified and also dedicated to the Republican Party. His race has taken center stage a few times much to his dismay. His opponent in the Gubinatorial race in Maryland was caught handing out oreos as a way of stereotyping Mr Steele as being black on the outside and white on the inside. I suppose they're trying to say that black people can't be true to their heritage and be a Republican? On some of the news stories that I've caught regarding Mr Steel being named as Chairman of the RNC, I heard pundits speculating that Steele was chosen in response to Barack Obama being elected. However, I think that the RNC may have chosen him because out of the candidates that ran for that position, he was the one that was the most well known. He's not as conservative as I would like but I am hoping he'll be an energizer for the party. Regardless of the reason why he was chosen to lead, it sure would have been nice to see the same excitement from the media that Barack received from being the first Black man to be President.

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