Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obama is Carter with a lesse backbone.

If you’re holding your breath in Hopes of some Change on that score, I’m dialing 911 N-O-W. Keep breathing, please.

So what are Obama and Carter? Not Hamiltonians, not Wilsonians, not Jeffersonians, not Jacksonians, not a Reaganite. Possibly anti-Americans.

Obama will be a worse President than Carter simply because of his lack of experience. Carter was in the military and was a governor and executive. Being President doesn’t mean being everyones friend and a nice guy. Our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan have not retreated since Obama was elected as he had hoped. Now he needs to surround himself with adults in the Cheney mold to help him. He needs to get educated right away on how to deal with foreign policy issues. I know it bores him but he is the leader of the free world.


  1. Quite simply, I agree.

  2. And Jimmy Carter is as happy as can be knowing he can die without being the worst President in US history. Obama is all talk,he is a wimp.

  3. Obama is now trying to go to the middle while placing blame on spending on his party. He wants to freeze spending for 3 years just in time for his next election as he has ruined the chances of his own party to win theirs. I never thought anybody could be worse than Carter.

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