Friday, December 4, 2009

Tell Us Dear Leader

Tell us Dear Leader, shall fight in the air, shall fight on the ground, shall fight in the fields, shall fight in the hills — for 18 months. Or should we start packing for home right now!.
I don't buy the president's explanation. I just can't believe he thought long and hard on this to come up with a B.S.surge. Something else is going on, and I can't help but think the president really wants to influence Pakistan or prevent some sort of catastrophe there.
If we should ever win this war in Afghanistan, it will be DESPITE the elitist snob that we have in the White House today.


  1. Obama refused to take the advice of his own appointed General and he himself has no military experience, as well as his socialist cabinet. It was purely political to appease his base. The leak of John Kerry's "Osama Bin Laden let slip" information that critisized Bush's handling of the Tora Bora situation is prime example. Bash Bush and make the nutroots happy, then in the 2012 lead up to elections, cut and run. This is his plan.
    If you go back to John Kerry and the Tora Bora situation back when it was unfolding, he praised the Bush Administration as doing the situation right. So, true to form, when it is politically expedient, he flip-flops like he always does (remember the I voted for the war before I voted against it).

  2. Thanx for dropping by the other day bro. I was happy he gave us the 30,000 troops but you're right about the timetable.