Monday, August 17, 2009

So now the Liberals are boycotting Glen Beck!

So, the number of corporate sponsors that have pulled their advertising dollars from The Glenn Beck Program grew to 20 on Tuesday. Walmart, Best Buy and Travelocity joined the list of companies that, depending on your point of view, should be classified as either responsible corporate citizens or easily bullied cowards.
Glenn Beck is a conservative commentator whose television show airs at 5 p.m. daily Eastern Time on the Fox News Channel, where it attracts an enormous (for cable, at that hour) audience of some 2.3 million souls. His audience has exploded this year, apparently riding a tide of conservative resentment over the poor economy, the supposedly liberal media, and Democratic Party control in Washington.
"You are not alone," Beck tells his viewers. Millions of people like to hear such assurances, even when coming from a polished performer whose histrionics are obvious. Beck doesn't mind crying on the air. His soliloquies range in tone from rants to raves. But he is 100 percent American and he loves America, as I do.
Liberal's and the Liberal Media are you brain damaged or just plain Stupid. This is America is it not? What has happened to your freedom of speech?
You need to wake the hell up and quit rebroadcasting the republican talking points your receive from these outright willfully ignorant mouthpieces
Glen Beck consistently hosts the most intelligent discussions on what is, irrefutably, the Orwellian direction of this country. He has the courage to investigate things the rest of our flaccid media never so much as mentions. He has made the journalists of this nation look sick, by comparison. While the major media outlets are covering Michael Jackson, ad nauseam, Beck is trying to penetrate the corruption of ACORN.
It is censorship. I will boycott the companies that have dropped him. I didn't see anyone getting upset when Bush was constantly battered. What is the difference??? The difference is the liberals have no guts. They can give it out, but they can't take it!!!!!


  1. I can almost understand Walmart with their cheap Chinese merchandise and lower income shoppers boycotting, but places like Best Buy might want to rethink it. This may cost them a lot more than not boycotting.

    Are you an Italian or an American living in Italy? Your posts seem to indicate the latter. You know quite a bit about American politics.

  2. Thank you, I am an Italian that does a lot of business in American and I go there very often for a month at a time.
    thank you for the complement.
    I love America like my second home. And I try to keep very informed.

  3. As an American of Italian heritage, I thank you for your support of America. I also thank you for the follow on my blog. I am happy to be the first to follow yours. I don't speak Italian, and I hope I got this right. I translated the title under your photo and I send...
    Un bacio torna in Italia.

  4. Hilarious! When you click on Pasquales Points' name, it takes you directly to this blog. And what is the url for this blog?

    The fake Italian sets up a "Welcome to My Nightmare" blog and talks to himself!

    mal, you are truly hilarious!